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The military drill that sparked WhatsApp rumours of Queen's death

Message sent by ‘Gibbo’ created fake news panic after being forwarded to millions ... Read more.

WhatsApp now lets you create reminders, tasks thanks to integration

WhatsApp is a pretty full-featured instant messaging platform, but it’s not in WeChat’s league when it comes to extra features. Fortunately, the Facebook-owned company has quietly revealed integration ... Read more.

'Doctor Who' Season 12: Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall Address Walkout Rumors, Cast Talk WhatsApp Groups

And if 10 months on set together isn't enough, the cast and crew also have myriad WhatsApp group conversations devoted to all things Who. "There's so many WhatsApp groups... we've got about 16 group ... Read more.

A viral WhatsApp message that claimed the Queen had died was spread because a confused Navy staffer mixed up a drill with the real thing

Personnel at Royal Navy Air Station Yeovilton were practicing "Operation London Bridge" on Sunday, the procedure for when the Queen dies. Read more.

Has WhatsApp become a potential career assassin?

We need to talk about WhatsApp. When the little green speech bubble first showed up in my life, I greeted it with awe and wonder. I even wrote a little love letter to its ability to connect with a ... Read more.

Facebook's crisis response tools get extended to WhatsApp

Facebook is expanding the way people in disaster zones can request help. Earlier this week, the social networking giant extended part of the platform's "Crisis Response" widget to WhatsApp. The move ... Read more.

Kashmir's 4-month internet blackout is so severe that WhatsApp is deleting residents' accounts for being inactive

Indian authorities cut off Kashmir's internet in August, and haven't switched it on since. India canceled the region's political autonomy at the same time. Read more.

Kashmiris Are Disappearing From WhatsApp

On Wednesday, Kashmiris began disappearing from WhatsApp — and no one initially knew why. Citizens of the disputed geographical territory, whose autonomy the Indian government revoked in August, ... Read more.

WhatsApp gets tasks and reminders integrated in app through

WhatsApp users can now get task reminders easily integrated into their conversations through a new feature with the productivity platform, The task integration is available to WhatsApp ... Read more.

Craig Maxwell-Keys: Premiership rugby referee came out as gay via WhatsApp

"You could say it's modern day," said the 29-year-old, speaking to the BBC's LGBT Sports Podcast. "I sent a WhatsApp message at 6am before I was due to go on a family holiday to Greece. "I then turned ... Read more.

Facebook Crisis Reponse Tool Now Available on WhatsApp, Will Also Let You Share First-hand Information

New Delhi: The much-acclaimed Crisis Response feature of Facebook is now upgraded with a WhatsApp integration for people to be able to share their details in times of a calamity. Apart from that, ... Read more.

WhatsApp rumours of Queen's death were sparked by Yeovil military drill

It was the WhatsApp message that convinced millions of people the Queen had died. Now the mystery of how a man called Gibbo and his friends inadvertently created a fake news panic that went “bigger ... Read more.
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