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Gwyneth Paltrow explains gaffe where she FORGOT that she featured in Spiderman

She famously forgot that she had appeared in Spiderman: Homecoming. And now Gwyneth Paltrow has explained her gaffe by saying there are 'so many' Marvel films and being a mum means that she lost track ... Read more.

‘The invisible illness:’ Caring for children with epilepsy

Encinitas fifth grader Nikolai “Niko” Safonov is like many kids his age. He loves the video game “Fortnite,” playing basketball with his friends, and his favorite superhero is Spiderman. His mother ... Read more.

Comic Book Avengers That Should Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Meanwhile, removed from the cinematic plotlines, the acrimonious renegotiations between Marvel and SONY had resulted in Tom Holland’s Spiderman being requisitioned from the joint cinematic world, ... Read more.

Zentai Hero Announces New Range of Spiderman Costumes, Batman Costumes & EVA Cosplay Costumes for the Halloween

These costumes will allow both men and women to don the style of the famous superheroes, such as Spiderman, Batman, EVA and others. One can choose from a wide range of designs and colors and can find ... Read more.

Venom Director Confirms That Venom & Spiderman Will Have A Crossover In The Near Future

What happens when Marvels Spider-Man and Venom have a face-off? Well, according to Venom's director, Ruben Fleischer, this soon might come true. That’s where it’s all going to lead. And that’s the ... Read more.

'Spiderman' Thief Caught On CCTV

WATCH: IPL's throwback to 'Spiderman', 'Superman' AB de Villiers' insane catch against SRH in IPL 2018 ... Read more.

French Spiderman, who holds world record for most buildings climbed makes a surprising singing debut

He's been arrested countless times but at 57, the world's most famous urban climber shows no sign of stopping. Alain Robert, 50, from Burgundy, is known around the world as the French Spiderman, and ... Read more.

First Impressons: 2020 Norco Optic

Numbers that we usually put at the end of our first impressions, not two sentences in. Usually, you’d still be in the middle of the intro paragraph, perhaps likening the revamped optic to a Spiderman ... Read more.

Video: ‘Spiderman’ – These fans react to Ter Stegen’s amazing save in Barcelona training

Barcelona star Marc-Andre Ter Stegen amazed some fans by making this stunning save to deny Gerard Pique in Barcelona training, who is the best GK in the world? Barcelona superstar Gerard Pique was ... Read more.

New to home theaters: Spiderman makes his way into homes this week

Tom Holland made his way into living rooms this week with the release of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” to rental outlets. In the third installment of the “Spiderman: Homecoming” series, Peter Parker ... Read more.

Enjoy this Action Fest as India’s Spiderman & Batman Lock Horns with Each Other with Swag.

Maybe this is the first time that I am reviewing an action movie made at such a grand scale having two of most worshipped action superstars of their respective generations, but still its good as this ... Read more.

Non-lethal enforcement tool could save lives, developer says

BolaWrap is the latest tool some agencies are using to cut down on injuries and even death when it comes to catching criminals. Some have dubbed it a Spiderman gun. It definitely sounds like a gun. Read more.
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