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Google Debuts the Pixel 4, the Best Expression of Android Yet

Previously, the company had shipped Nexus-branded products that were manufactured by different hardware partners, but Pixel was supposed to be all Googley from the ground up: Designed, developed, and ... Read more.

Google's USB-C Titan hardware security key works on Android phones too

The new $40 model will work in devices with newer USB-C ports -- most notably Android phones that in the past needed adapters or other wireless techniques. Hardware security keys are catching on with ... Read more.

This Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus deal saves you $100 on the best Android phone

If you’re not a fan of iOS, however, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It carries a strong combination of style and features that simply surpasses other Android smartphones on the market. Read more.

Sling TV's free streaming comes to Android and Amazon devices

Now, Sling TV is rolling out the same deal on Android and Amazon smartphones, tables and TVs, letting you enjoy limited programming without an account. It'll work on any Android smartphone or Android ... Read more.

New Android Warning: These 15 Malicious Apps May Be Hiding On Your Phone—Uninstall Now

That’s the theory. But now those apps have been exposed, Android users are being urged to find them and remove them if they’re lurking on your phones. Yet again, these latest apps join the countless ... Read more.

LG wants to reclaim customer trust by releasing Android 10 this year

LG has never been known for its prompt Android version updates. Last year, Android 9 started rolling out to devices in August, but LG users didn’t see a public stable release until nine months later. Read more.

Nvidia's GeForce Now follows Project xCloud with Android rollout

HOT ON THE HEELS of Microsoft's Android preview of its Project xCloud game streaming service, Nvidia has started to roll out GeForce Now to Android devices. Team Green's game streaming service has ... Read more.

Samsung kicks off Android 10 beta program for the Galaxy S10 series

Samsung isn’t known for releasing quick updates to its Android flagships, with the newest version of Android usually reaching the latest high-end handsets several months after Google makes it ... Read more.

Android 10 permissions: What’s new and how to use them!

Android 10 introduced a ton of new features but one of the most important features was the changes to the permission system. Permissions have come a long way on Android and it’s a lot better now than ... Read more.

You can place and receive Android phone calls now on your Windows PC. Here’s how

The new feature simply named Calls, is part of a Windows 10 Insider Preview. You'll need to have that before you can begin. You'll also need to make sure that your Android phone is on version 7 of the ... Read more.

Samsung's Android 10 beta program is now available on the Galaxy S10

Android 10 was released in September, but so far, it's only been available on Google's own Pixel devices. Usually, it takes other manufacturers some months to catch up, however, as promised, Samsung ... Read more.

You won’t believe how cheap this brand new Android flagship is

OnePlus shocked rivals and end users alike a few years ago when it launched its first “flagship killer” that delivered the same specs you’d find on a high-end Android phone, but at a much lower price. Read more.
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