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The most popular Android phone of 2019 revealed

However, it wasn’t the Galaxy S10 or Note 10 families that delivered the goods for the South Korean giant. It also shows that for all of the attention being paid to $1,000 flagship phones, the real ... Read more.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 was the must-have Android at the end of 2019, data shows

Apple's iPhone XR might've been the best selling phone of 2019, but data from market analyst Canalys shows that Xiaomi's Redmi Note 8 was the best-selling Android at the end of 2019. The device ... Read more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE review: The best smartwatch for Android users, maybe for iPhone users too

After using the Galaxy Note 10 Plus for a couple of months and then getting the chance to try out the new Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, I figured I should try out Samsung's latest smartwatch. The new Samsung ... Read more.

Android-powered Microsoft Surface Duo might come with genius ‘Peek’ feature

The Android-powered Microsoft Surface Duo is shaping up to be one of the more exciting devices expected in 2020. The unique dual-screen device could replace your phone, tablet, and laptop if it turns ... Read more.

Android 11: The six best features

The Android 11 developer preview was recently released. Learn about the standout features in this upgrade to the Google platform. It seems like Android 10 only just hit the mobility airwaves. Android ... Read more.

Huawei EMUI 10 Android skin update is available but some phones can't download it

Here's everything you need to know about Huawei's software update. The Huawei EMUI 10 software update based on Android 10 has been rolling out to Huawei and Honor phones worldwide since December 2019, ... Read more.

Could you live with this budget Android for four years?

Mittal had always repaired his own smartphones and laptops. Why not offer that service to everyone else? That was when Mittal had the idea for Teracube: an Android smartphone with a four-year premium ... Read more.

Nvidia Shield TV review: the best Android TV box with brilliant AI upscaling

New hide-away design, great remote, top performance and impressive HD to 4K upscaling make for a killer smart TV box ... Read more.

The Teracube Android phone takes a different approach to sustainability

The Teracube is one of the best ratios of performance to price to sustainability on the market. The Teracube Android smartphone. Teracube is a unique company within the Android market. They claim to ... Read more.

How To Adjust Your Stadia Data Usage On Android

Since the launch of Stadia Google has give members the ability to adjust their data usage when playing on Android, but it might not be immediately noticeable how to change this if you haven't really ... Read more.

Pre-installed malware: Your Android phone may spy on you!

US researchers have discovered a large number of vulnerabilities in smartphones. Malware and backdoors are often pre-installed at the root level, and there is nothing a regular user can do about it. Read more.

Android Studio 3.6 is out: Time-saving Google Maps UI and dual-screen support

Google has released Android Studio 3.6, the newest major release of its integrated development environment (IDE) for developers to build Android apps. Android Studio supports both Java and the popular ... Read more.
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