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What happens when the Queen dies? How soon will the public know?

What happens when the Queen dies? The ruler is 93-years-old, a grand age for any person to reach. But, when she passes on, what will the protocol be? What happens when the Queen dies? When the Queen ... Read more.

Queen Elizabeth II: What happens when the Queen dies?

The Queen is now 93 and is showing signs of winding down her royal duties, with Prince Charles appearing in her stead. What happens when the Queen dies? In the final hours of monarchs preceding Queen ... Read more.

What will happen when the Queen dies?

THE Queen was trending on Twitter last night as rumours spread that she had died, when she in fact had not. But what will happen when she does pass away? There are some vital arrangements that must ... Read more.

Ok but what actually does happen if the Queen dies?

Yesterday, a WhatsApp group chat message saying the Queen of England had died went viral. It was obviously a hoax, mainly because the message came from a random guy called Gibbo and the chat’s picture ... Read more.

15 Things That Will Unfold After Queen Elizabeth II, The Longest-Reigning Monarch, Passes Away

Source: But have you ever wondered what will happen if Queen Elizabeth II dies? There are several things that will happen- some instantly and some over a course of time. Check it out. Read more.

What happens when Boris Johnson meets the Queen after winning the General Election?

The Queen has no say when it comes to politics ... Education Stunning recovery of the beautiful little girl bullied for being 'fat' - who grew up to nearly die from anorexia Yasmin hit her lowest ... Read more.

A Master of Winter Writes His First Opera: ‘The Snow Queen’

Children’s stories, though, are meant to be read in any number of ways, and though it’s brand-new, Mr. Abrahamsen’s “Snow Queen” has already been filtered through the sensibilities of two directors. Read more.

Prince Andrew Could Become Counsellor Of State After Resignation, Could Wield Queen’s Power

The Cabinet Manual published in 2011 reveals what could happen if the Queen becomes unwell or is unable to fulfill her duties ... they are not over 18 years old. If Prince Philip dies before the Queen ... Read more.

The Royal Baby rules the British with a chubby fist of iron

This might simply be because the producers underinvested in extras, but given the seasonal nature of their livelihoods I suspect a lot of the Aldovian peasantry simply die ... Queen Amber, started out ... Read more.

Meet the 88-year-old queen of Indian philately

Pittie names Sita Bhateja, a Bengaluru-based gynaecologist who died last year, as perhaps the most renowned one ... philatelic societies—a touch of morbidity springs up when she tells me she often ... Read more.

Bohemian Rhapsody’s Rami Malik trusts nobody with Bond 25 plot – not even Queen

The Bohemian Rhapsody actor revealed on ITV’s Lorraine that people have been asking him about what happens in No Time To Die – but he won’t even tell members of Queen. ‘I don’t trust anyone, all the ... Read more.

Music promoter Boyd Grafmyre, who brought Led Zeppelin, The Doors and other acts to Seattle in the ’60s, dies at 79

Mr. Grafmyre, who was still dreaming of producing the next big act, died Monday, Dec. 9, in Port Townsend. He was 79. “He would always tell me, ‘I have this deal, it’s going to work, it’s going to ... Read more.
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