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This new Android malware comes disguised as a chat app

However, shortly after being discovered, the page hosting the malicious Android application package (APK) file disappeared. However, it returned in October, this time hosting a new malicious chat ... Read more.

Beware! New Android malware CallerSpy is masquerading as a chat app, aping Google page

The perfect disguise The malware ... a chat app called Chatrious. However, not long after being discovered, the webpage hosting the malicious Android application package (APK - the file format that ... Read more.

Watch Android Malware Automatically Steal 1,000 Euros From a PayPal Account in Seconds

Cybersecurity firm ESET discovered this new malware in November, and published details about it on Tuesday. The malware is disguised as a battery optimization app—called Android Optimization ... at +1 ... Read more.

New Android Malware Hides as Google+ App, Answers Calls for You

Security researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a new mobile malware application ... to remote servers. The app installs itself on Android devices under the guise of being a Google+ application, ... Read more.

CallerSpy spyware: Possibly the first phase of a targeted attack

A new cyberespionage tool called CallerSpy was revealed by Trend Micro, but exactly what the developer’s intentions are for the malware is still unknown. CallerSpy was first spotted in May on the ... Read more.

Android: A new spyware takes screenshots without your knowledge

“We found a new spyware family disguised as chat apps on a phishing website.” TrendMicro experts say. According to them, the malware is spreading via APK files on the Internet. So far, and unlike many ... Read more.

Android users on unpatched devices at risk of multiple vulnerabilities, security experts warn

How A Cyber Attack Could Shut Down The U.S. It is a fact that when tech companies release new software versions ... feature of Android messaging. Owners might be fooled into divulging their passwords, ... Read more.

New Android Threat: Google Confirms Malicious Apps Removed From Play Store—Uninstall Now

This latest warning comes ... app store security checks.” And the cat and mouse games continue from there. The JSON response back to the dropper is also obfuscated, and includes installation ... Read more.

WhatsApp alert as millions of Android users warned of another serious security threat

This new threat comes just days ... unaware," the firm stated. “Disguised as a Google related application, the core part of the malware exploits various known Android vulnerabilities and automatically ... Read more.

Dangerous Android malware comes to the iPhone

The malware was originally found on the Italian-language Google Play Store for Android and disguised ... App Store review process and get their apps ‘sideloaded’ onto target devices,” he said. This is ... Read more.

AndroRAT: New Android malware strain can hijack older phones

An Android trojan ... privileges on the phone. The new variant of AndroRAT is disguised as an app called 'TrashCleaner' and researchers at Trend Micro say it's distributed via a malicious URL -- ... Read more.

New Android Ransomware Identified By Trend Micro

It seems as if it is almost weekly when a new virus, malware or other form of Android-related ... malware looks to disguise itself as a requested video, instead of the application that it actually is. Read more.
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