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No, Queen Elizabeth is not planning to retire when she turns 95, palace says

Despite decades of assurances that Queen Elizabeth II intends to stay "on the job" until the end, suddenly the British media are hinting that Her Majesty is thinking of retiring in 18 months when she ... Read more.

Queen Elizabeth Changes Her Outfit 7 Times on Christmas — and Coordinates with Her Ladies’ Maids!

From meetings to shooting lunches to cocktail parties, Queen Elizabeth has quite the busy schedule over the holidays, which involves numerous outfit changes. “The Queen is just as busy as she would be ... Read more.

Extra, Extra: Queen Elizabeth Changes Her Outfit Up to 7 Times a Day on Christmas Holiday

Under regular circumstances, Queen Elizabeth opts for a brightly colored coat and a festive hat. But when the 93-year-old monarch jaunts off for her annual holiday sojourn to Sandringham Estate in ... Read more.

Queen Elizabeth Retiring? Five Times a Regent Has Taken Over the Throne

If Queen Elizabeth does decide to retire at 95 and appoints Prince Charles as regent, she won’t be the first to do so. In fact, the idea of installing a regent — effectively naming someone to wield ... Read more.

Queen Elizabeth Giving Prince Philip Regency Over Princess Margaret Received Backlash

Queen Elizabeth made an important decision decades ago regarding the Regency. After her coronation in 1952, Princess Margaret was next in line to rule as Princess Regent if anything bad happened to ... Read more.

Queen Elizabeth Not Showing Signs Of ‘Handover,’ ‘Retirement,’ Won’t Abdicate For Prince Charles

New rumors about Queen Elizabeth are claiming that she is set to step down from the throne at age 95 to give way to her eldest son and heir, Prince Charles. But a source recently told Vanity Fair that ... Read more.

65 rare photos of Queen Elizabeth with her children

It's not *all* business for Queen Elizabeth. The 93-year-old is a queen by day, but a family woman by night. Her official duties may lie with the monarchy, but behind-the-scenes, she is very much ... Read more.

Spokesperson for Prince Charles says Queen Elizabeth will not be retiring at 95 'or any other age'

In an effort to dampen down a frenzy of speculation about the prince becoming king, a spokesperson for Prince Charles has told the outlet People that there have not been any talks about Queen ... Read more.

Princess Anne shrugs off Queen’s instruction in hilarious video

“Anne appears to be watching and laughing in the doorway and the Queen does seem to turn to her to beckon her in. Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne are very close. Picture: Getty “This could be an ... Read more.

Royal expert denies rumour Queen is dead

The rumours appear to have started from a WhatsApp account and quickly spread on social media. The leaked group chat claimed Queen Elizabeth II had died of a heart attack. “I see we have reached that ... Read more.

Princess Charlotte takes after Queen Elizabeth II in new 'obsession' with horses

Princess Charlotte shares a passion for horses with her great-grandma Queen Elizabeth II, and wishes to get one as a Christmas present. The young British royal has developed a new obsession for horses ... Read more.

Princess Anne shrugs at Queen as monarch hurries her along during Trump greeting

This is the moment Princess Anne is caught shrugging as she is beckoned over by the Queen while meeting Donald Trump. The 93-year-old monarch can be seen chatting happily with the US President during ... Read more.
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