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New 2020 Yamaha Nmax 155 (facelift) revealed - Should it be launched in India?

In addition to the all-new WR 155R, Yamaha launched the new Nmax 155 scooter in the Indonesian market today. The MY2020 variant of the scooter features several upgrades over the model it replaces. The ... Read more.

The new 2020 Yamaha NMax 155 breaks cover

The NMax is showing no signs of giving up the throne, but its fans here in the Philippines are clamoring for a newer version because Yamaha’s competitors are coming up with new and exciting hardware. Read more.

Yamaha reveals 2020 NMax 155

The 2020 Yamaha NMax now has smartphone connectivity via the Yamaha app. The app will notify the rider messages, engine malfunction, and upcoming periodic maintenance schedules, navigation to the ... Read more.

Yamaha’s R15-derived Scooter Now Gets Traction Control

This 155cc engine gets VVA, just like the R15. Max power is rated at 15.36PS, 0.5PS more than before. Was supposed to arrive in India this year. Yamaha has updated the NMax 155 scooter for 2020 as the ... Read more.
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