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Ought vs. Is: Reclaiming nature as a moral guide

Why do human beings across cultures and throughout history insist on using nature as a guide for our behaviour, our politics, our moral and ethical systems? Lorraine Daston, wrote Against Nature to ... Read more.

Nature Conservancy of Canada acquires environmentally-sensitive land near Loughborough Lake

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has purchased nearly 300 acres of the Leland Wetlands near Loughborough Lake, located in South Frontenac Township. The conservancy will be carrying on the legacy and ... Read more.

Ontario artist looks for Canadians’ nature photos to turn into paintings

Sarah Merry is a Collingwood, Ont. artist who's hoping to paint pictures of Canadian landscapes, with a portion of the proceeds to be donated to Nature Canada. Supplied An artist from Collingwood, Ont ... Read more.

Nature Conservancy preserves rocky wilderness near Kingston

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has purchased 119 hectares of granite ridges, wetlands, stream banks and forests in a rocky area north of Kingston known as the Frontenac Arch. The area known as the ... Read more.

Nature Conservancy of Canada adds to its Frontenac Arch protected land

The Nature Conservancy of Canada bought the land near the intersection of Leland and Dean Smith roads from the estate of John “Jack” Hunter Allum, who purchased the land 40 years ago and subsequently ... Read more.

Nature-Based Climate Solutions Opportunity for Latin America

The potential for nature-based solutions in Latin America is vast. The Special Report on Climate Change and Land, released by the IPCC last August made it abundantly clear that sustainable land ... Read more.

On #GivingTuesday Dec. 3, donations made to the Nature Conservancy of Canada on will be matched

In contrast with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumption, Giving Tuesday focuses on giving back. This year, people can help protect Canada’s natural legacy while doubling their impact on nature ... Read more.

The Cayman Islands: nature, wellness and adventure in the Caribbean

What’s more, Cayman is also an idyllic and authentic escape for those looking for rejuvenation and fun excursions to reconnect with nature. And with the highest standard of living in the region, each ... Read more.

14 books for the science & nature lover on your holiday list

Originally from Winnipeg, Dr. Gunter now lives in San Francisco. Robert Macfarlane is a writer and scholar at the University of Cambridge. His latest work of nature writing is Underland. Read more.

'War against nature must stop,' U.N. chief says before climate talks

MADRID (Reuters) - The world must stop a "war against nature" and find more political will to combat climate change, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Sunday, the eve of a ... Read more.

Technological innovation is going to change the nature of jobs, not kill them

Christopher Pissarides is a Nobel laureate economist and Regius Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics. From the Luddite movement in the early 19th century to the writings of ... Read more.

Forest bathing walks encourage deep connection to nature

She was participating recently in the practice of "shinrin-yoku," also known as "forest bathing," a form of structured nature therapy. The nine participants stood around a huge Osage orange tree in ... Read more.
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