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Pub and flats evacuated after kitchen blaze

Ken Livingstone, at the Dukes Head in Hall Quay, Great Yarmouth, has hailed the quick response of the emergency services who were on the scene within minutes. He said all staff as well as occupants in ... Read more.

Can Labour Reclaim Tony Blair’s ‘Tough On Crime And Causes Of Crime’ Strategy?

Boris Johnson has long had form as a political pilferer. From nicking Ken Livingstone’s London cycle hire plan to flirting with Ed Miilband’s mansion tax, Johnson likes to pick a pocket or two when it ... Read more.

Gene science isn’t slippery slope to eugenics

This is a sentiment that many — not least Ken Livingstone and Jeremy Corbyn, I imagine — would enthusiastically endorse. Others, however, are drawing a distinction between having the right to speak ... Read more.

Bolivia: the people still stand by Morales and socialism

Please support Friends of Bolivia — You can follow Ken at and You can’t buy a revolution, but you ... Read more.

Oxford Circus tube station shut: Rush hour chaos after busy underground stop closed

It also has a number of listed buildings. DON'T MISS Horror as tube station's roof ripped off by dramatic storm [SHOCK] Extinction Rebellion shut down busy London tourist hotspot [REVEALED] Ken ... Read more.

Ponds charges, hubcap fences and stolen cameras - this week's Ham&High from 15 years ago

In the February 11 edition, then-London mayor Ken Livingstone branded Heath bosses "silly" for proposing to charge swimmers for dips in Hampstead's famous ponds. The now-expelled Labour member and ... Read more.

Overdue and over budget - but still a clear case for HS2

He inherited the London Olympic project, which was overseen on the ground by executives appointed by his predecessor Ken Livingstone, and in City Hall by his Mr Livingstone's chief advisor, retained ... Read more.

Any Answers: Chris Boot

I wanted to know how to sell photographs. After university, I worked as a runner in film production. But it was the time of raging ideological warfare between Margaret Thatcher and the leader of the ... Read more.

Rory Stewart unveils masterplan for 250,000 new London homes using surplus TfL land

Mr Stewart, 47, condemned the record of Sadiq Khan on housing as “pathetic” but said his predecessors Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson had also failed to ramp up affordable housing delivery to levels ... Read more.

“If you go ‘transgender rights are our big thing’, you are going to lose that culture war”

On the contrary, we want Britain to have a proper opposition – not one set on sending out Ken Livingstone-style search parties for ever-more-hard-to-find favoured and fashionable minorites. Clement ... Read more.

Peter Craske: Recycling is good for the environment – and good for taxpayers

In other words, we passed the current Mayor’s target for over half of waste to be recycled by 2025, when Ken Livingstone was finishing his term as Mayor – and we became number one for recycling when ... Read more.

these are the top 10 city areas for open space, good schools and cleaner air

Londoners will be promised a cleaner city with low-traffic neighbourhoods, a public pool of electric vehicles and more trees by the candidates fighting it out to be the capital’s next mayor, at a ... Read more.
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