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KFC fans can now get a £38 gravy-stained shirt that smells like the fast-food chain

The shirts are soaked in KFC gravy for a day, then dried for a few days before being given a chemical bath to keep the stain from fading - the ultimate fashion statement for KFC fans KFC fans can now ... Read more.

KFC lovers can now buy a t-shirt that smells like the fast-food chain

We all enjoy a KFC from time to time. If this new launch has taught us anything, though, it’s that some people really (and we mean really) love KFC. So much so, in fact, that they want to smell like ... Read more.

KFC Mac and Cheese (Copycat)

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy. KFC Mac and Cheese is an indulgent creamy cheddar side that pairs perfectly with crispy chicken. Includes how to make it into a KFC ... Read more.

KFC 'what the cluck?' advert banned following complaints from parents

A KFC ad campaign, which used the phrase “what the cluck?” to promote a £1.99 lunch deal, has been banned following complaints from parents. Parents voiced their concerns over the poster campaign, ... Read more.

KFC is now doing bottomless gravy - but it's limited edition

KFC fans, cancel all your plans and book some last minute annual leave, as today KFC is hosting a bottomless gravy and fried chicken feast. Here's how to get tickets ... Read more.

KFC's Chicken-Scented Firelog Is Already Sold Out at Walmart

If you didn't snatch a firelog in time, worry not—there's still hope! People aren't just buying these for themselves, so hopefully you'll get one as a gift. Even KFC suggests wrapping logs up for ... Read more.

Finger-lickin' weird! Designer releases $50 KFC-stained shirt line that SMELLS like the restaurant

KFC fans can now make the ultimate fashion statement with a $50 (£38) gravy-stained shirt that even smells like the fast-food chain. The new line of clothes is soaked in KFC gravy for a day, then ... Read more.

KFC's Fried Chicken-Scented Firelogs Are Back at Walmart Just in Time for the Holidays

You’re surrounded by loved ones, and the delicious smell of Colonel Sanders‘ fried chicken is wafting through the house. This can be your reality. By popular demand, KFC, in partnership with with ... Read more.

KFC selling chicken-scented fire log to crisp up holidays

KFC advertising is like an angsty teenager — there are no depths it won't go to try and impress its coolness upon you. It doesn't just want to be liked ... it desperately needs it. Otherwise it'll ... Read more.

Troll feasts on KFC chicken in the middle of a vegan protest

A troll who stood in the middle of a vegan protest while feasting on KFC chicken has sparked controversy after footage of his stunt went viral online. Vegan activist group Cube of Truth were holding a ... Read more.

KFC Has A New ‘Festive Burger’ Being Sold For Christmas That Has So Many Toppings

Holiday-themed foods are almost as classic as the same old holiday movies you watch year after year. This new KFC holiday burger (which is not really a burger at all) is a little more out of the box, ... Read more.

The KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog Is a Thing, and It’s Already Sold Out (But We Can Still Dream)

I had a dream. A dream that when I brought a KFC Limited-Edition 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog as a white elephant gift for my family gathering, an actual wrestling match would break out; just like old ... Read more.
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