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Huawei Faces Online Storm In China Over Employee Treatment - RepostBudyBreaking News related to "Huawei Faces Online Storm In China Over Employee Treatment". Click Read More to read Huawei Faces Online Storm In China Over Employee Treatment in full story.

Huawei faces online storm in China over employee treatment

SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) - Huawei Technologies is facing a public backlash in China after details of the dismissal and wrongful detention of a former employee went viral. The treatment of Li Hongyuan ... Read more.

Huawei’s toughest PR battle isn’t overseas, it’s at home However, the “numerous internet users” mentioned by Meng don’t seem to be playing along. Instead, angry Chinese internet users have been ... Read more.

Huawei faces public outrage after ex-employee detained for eight months over false charges

Huawei has come under fire in its own country as members of the public rallied behind a former employee detained for eight months after demanding severance pay from the company. Weibo users expressed ... Read more.

Google maps will now speak in your desired language

However, for the latter, you must have Google translate installed on your device too. Huawei faces online storm in China over employee treatment ... Read more.

POLITICO Pro Morning Tech: Europe loves UK tech — Trump on ‘techlash’ — More Huawei blues

Google faces a lawsuit in California over its alleged ... “It is a perfect storm of unintended consequences waiting to happen.” U.S. pressure on the company has increased amid the growing trade war ... Read more.

Instagram increases focus on child safety online, rolls out new features

Instagram knows whether some of those users are adults, for instance, because it asks them to say so before looking at profiles of alcohol and sexually explicit businesses. Huawei faces online storm ... Read more.

'Social credit score': China set to roll out 'Orwellian' mass surveillance tool

A diplomatic source familiar with incident said the executive’s only crime was that her face appeared in a photograph that was part of bus advertisement and was captured by a surveillance camera when ... Read more.

‘We’re afraid...we might get arrested’: Canadian executives deal with the shock of a rupture with China

Former diplomats who now work as business consultants, such as Guy Saint-Jacques, confirmed that some Canadian companies have put a ban on employee travel ... disagreements over China’s support for ... Read more.

Tech world’s USMCA win

But is the liability fight over? Not according to Attorney ... “President Trump’s top science adviser [who] loves storms but has little appetite for the partisan tempest engulfing Washington,” via The ... Read more.

United Airlines faces mounting pressure over hospitalized passenger

(Reuters) - United Airlines UAL.N and its chief executive faced mounting pressure on Tuesday from a worldwide backlash over its treatment of a passenger who was dragged from his seat on a plane on ... Read more.

The Finance 202: Corporate critics cautiously optimistic about new CEO mission statement

who launched an internal debate over it. In the column, Pearlstein argued the group’s 1997 statement is “now the source of most of what has gone wrong with American capitalism — from the accounting ... Read more.

Huawei faces online storm over employee treatment

The treatment of Li Hongyuan, who had worked for the company for 13 years, has become one of the most discussed topics in recent days on China's Twitter-like Weibo platform ... The hashtag "former ... Read more.
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