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Goldman Sachs Is Putting Its Own Marquee App On Amazon - RepostBudyBreaking News related to "Goldman Sachs Is Putting Its Own Marquee App On Amazon". Click Read More to read Goldman Sachs Is Putting Its Own Marquee App On Amazon in full story.

Goldman Sachs is putting its own Marquee app on Amazon's cloud in a pitch to lure more fintech developers

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon told an AWS conference that the bank wants to be developers' first choice when building financial tools. Read more.

New big kid on the block

In May, Goldman Sachs spent $750 million ... a vehicle to put its investment products in front of more independent RIAs. Like BlackRock's investments in Envestnet and Aladdin, the strategy is likely ... Read more.

Why Is Apple Trusted More Than Google?

Apple also has the support of Goldman Sachs and Mastercard ... branding rather than its own. At this point, another venture gone wrong could be the nail in the coffin.” Nevertheless, a recent McKinsey ... Read more.

Should ‘Fintech’ Fear Big Tech’s Push Into Banking?

This is the web version of The Ledger, Fortune’s weekly newsletter covering financial technology and cryptocurrency. Sign up here to receive future editions. All of a sudden, Big Tech is rushing into ... Read more.

Yandex: Buy Now With 40% Upside

For mobile users, there's Yandex Search App, enhanced with Alice, with Search, Maps, News, Weather, etc. In December 2018, the app had 36 million users per month, a 100% increase over the prior year. Read more.

One of Latin America’s most valuable startups is changing the way Brazilians bank

Six years after its founding, Nubank is a bona fide tech unicorn reportedly raising money at a $10 billion valuation. One of the most valuable startups in all of Latin America, Nubank has already ... Read more.

Tech companies won’t become banks, but they’ll pretend to

This year, Google revealed it's working on a check-clearing platform for 2020, and Facebook relaunched its own payments platform. Apple launched a credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs' Marcus ... Read more.
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