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Facebook Adds WhatsApp Button To Its Revamped Disaster-reporting Feature - RepostBudyBreaking News related to "Facebook Adds WhatsApp Button To Its Revamped Disaster-reporting Feature". Click Read More to read Facebook Adds WhatsApp Button To Its Revamped Disaster-reporting Feature in full story.

Facebook adds WhatsApp button to its revamped disaster-reporting feature

San Francisco: Social network giant Facebook is adding a WhatsApp button to crisis response tool, its disaster-reporting and communications feature where a user requests or offers help during a time ... Read more.

Snapchat's Update: Troubling For Twitter, Worrisome For Facebook

Rather than gradually modify parts of the app, Snapchat has revamped ... Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced voice calls last year, but has yet to add video calls. Snapchat is beginning to offer nearly ... Read more.

Instagram Gets '3D Touch' On New iPhones As It Launches Global Ad Push

Instagram will also roll out new ad features, such as 30-second video ads, call to action button such as "Install ... ads perform could help inform how Facebook monetizes two of its other popular apps ... Read more.

Tech 2019: Our biggest technology stories

Furthermore, he said it would also help the firm expand its end-to-end encryption features, which help keep the messages secure ... users to access third-party apps via a new Sign In With Apple button ... Read more.

Social Media Roundup: Instagram Removes Followers, Slack Buys Missions, Instapaper Leaves Pinterest

Once the feature is added to Messenger, you will notice a button that says “Connect Instagram.” From there, Messenger will automatically add your contacts from ... Instapaper revamped its search, ... Read more.

Amity’s interactive messaging app one-ups iOS 10’s iMessage, and works on Android, too

With the forthcoming arrival of iOS 10, iMessage is finally getting a much-needed revamp that will see it incorporating third-party apps, as well as more engaging and interactive features ... had ... Read more.

WhatsApp new status updates feature Snapchat Stories-like disappearing photos, videos

WhatsApp had been rumored for quite some time now to introduce a new feature similar to Snapchat’s Stories. Facebook managed to successfully implement Snapchat Stories-like feature on Instagram, and ... Read more.

Facebook eyes bigger pie of messaging with revamped app

Facebook, with its messenger ... of work has gone into the feature phone experience of Messenger," he said. The new version of the Messenger will allow users to send messages to their contacts from ... Read more.

Apple iOS 13 introduced: dark mode, privacy control and more

There's also a new 'Sign In With Apple' button for developers to add to their apps - much like we've seen with Google and Facebook. It uses Face ID ... The Photos app has also gotten a revamp. A new ... Read more.

Apple iOS 10 review

Apple is taking a direct stab at Facebook Messenger with its revamped iMessage app ... iMessage has a lot of users, and these new features will go a long way toward ensuring that they stay there. Read more.

Chatbots make a lot of noise but remain on the sidelines

Facebook launched bots for Messenger in April and WhatsApp will soon join the bandwagon. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are being developed further to add additional ... experience on its chatbot by ... Read more.
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