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Chris Chelios spent 2009 Winter Classic game drinking beer on the bench because of Mike Babcock

Hall of Fame defenseman and former Detroit Red Wing Chris Chelios says he drank beer on the bench during the 2009 Winter Classic game in Chicago because then head coach Mike Babcock essentially ... Read more.

Chris Chelios pounded beers on bench after Mike Babcock benched him at Winter Classic

Ex-Detroit Red Wings player Chris Chelios says he started drinking beer on the bench after Mike Babcock benched him at the 2009 Winter Classic. Read more.

Chris Chelios alleges Mike Babcock verbally assaulted Red Wings teammate

During an interview with the Barstool Sports’ podcast “Spittin’ Chiclets,” Hockey Hall of Famer Chris Chelios said he witnessed Babcock “verbally assault” teammate Johan Franzen while they played ... Read more.

Legendary Red Wing Chris Chelios claims he drank beers on the bench during the 2009 Winter Classic (for a good reason)

On the Spittin' Chiclets podcast, the 11-time All Star defenseman revealed that he was sipping on suds during an outdoor game at Wrigley Field. Read more.

Chris Chelios says Mike Babcock was 'verbally assaulting' Detroit Red Wings' Johan Franzen

On Tuesday, a Hockey Hall of Famer levied new accusations against Babcock that stem from their time together with the Detroit Red Wings. Chris Chelios — who played 26 seasons in the NHL — alleged on ... Read more.

Chelios: Babcock's treatment of players 'coming back to haunt him'

Chris Chelios has made his feelings on Mike Babcock known before, but he's going into more detail now that the former NHL head coach is coming under fire for his handling of players. The Hall of Fame ... Read more.

Former Red Wings Chelios, Franzen accuse Mike Babcock of 'verbal assault'

Former Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock is coming under additional fire for his methods of player treatment. Hall of Fame defenceman Chris Chelios recalled Babcock "verbally assaulting" ... Read more.

Chris Chelios: Red Wings' Mike Babcock Verbally Assaulted Johan Franzen in 2012

Hockey Hall of Fame defenseman Chris Chelios went on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast (h/t Ted Kulfan of The Detroit News) and said ex-Detroit Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock "verbally assaulted" ... Read more.

Chris Chelios on podcast: Mike Babcock ‘verbally assaulted’ Johan Franzen

Former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios claims Mike Babcock’s verbal abuse caused Johan Franzen to have a nervous breakdown. Chelios, speaking to former NHL players Paul Bissonnette and Ryan ... Read more.

Chris Chelios says Mike Babcock 'verbally assaulted' Johan Franzen in 2012 playoffs

(WXYZ) — Former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios told a podcast that former head coach Mike Babcock "verbally assaulted" Johan Franzen during the team's 2012 Stanley Cup playoff series ... Read more.

Rozner: Blackhawks' Kane might give Chelios run as USA best

You only have to know a little bit about hockey to know Chris Chelios is the greatest American hockey player of all time. The case is overwhelming and not in dispute. But if Patrick Kane can stay ... Read more.
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