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Amazon Introduces ‘Plug And Play’ AI Tools - RepostBudyBreaking News related to "Amazon Introduces ‘Plug And Play’ AI Tools". Click Read More to read Amazon Introduces ‘Plug And Play’ AI Tools in full story.

Amazon Introduces ‘Plug and Play’ AI Tools

The company introduced two artificial-intelligence services designed to help clients gain better insight from business data spread across multiple sources, from documents to conversations with ... Read more.

AWS Announces General Availability of AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts racks fit into various customer environments with a variety of plug and play ... Amazon Web Services has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers ... Read more.

AWS Outposts: Fully managed and configurable racks of AWS-designed hardware

and AWS resources in their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), using the same AWS Management Console, Software Development Kit (SDK) or Command Line Interface (CLI) tools as they use in AWS today. AWS ... Read more.

Evolphin Adds Automatic Video Editing and Other AI-Driven Features to Zoom MAM

Evolphin announced a new set of tools ... built an AI integration engine that can plug into any AI service that you want to use,” Evolphin VP of Video Product Management Evan Michals tells StudioDaily ... Read more.

The Problem Behind the Problem: Why Technology Perpetuates Bias

Amazon, a famously enormous company that relies heavily on computer engineering talent, wrote AI software ... We’ve got to plug the holes. This post has been updated to reflect that Amazon ended ... Read more.

Banking Brands Need AI to Keep Pace With Digital Giants

PaaS solutions and partnerships are where the sharing of AI tools will happen. [PaaS essentially is a plug-and-play model that allows producers and consumers to connect and interact with each other, ... Read more.

The future of Amazon's Alexa: Helping doctors diagnose diseases

Now that it's upending the way you play music ... itself as "Alexa for doctors." Its artificial intelligence software listens in on interactions between doctors and patients to write up medical notes ... Read more.

Amazon’s continued quest to put Alexa everywhere

Amazon is expanding Alexa by making it easier to create Alexa skills and by strategically penetrating the market in India, and it’s also making a play for the IoT networking ... chief scientist for ... Read more.

Platforms are dominating the business world, what’s your play?

When people think of platform businesses the behemoths Amazon, eBay, and Facebook spring to mind ... The platform conducts proceedings through its plug and play infrastructure. AI and data ... Read more.

Embrace Technology Or Exit, Say German Businesses

But, with the JDC Group’s plug-and-play-insurance-platform ... products with an automated data-driven approach, adding some artificial intelligence based on the machine room and CRM tool. However, JDC ... Read more.

Doctor Alexa will see you now: is Amazon primed to come to your rescue?

Now that it’s upending the way you play music ... as “Alexa for doctors.” Its artificial intelligence software listens in on interactions between doctors and patients to write up medical notes ... Read more.

In the new bot economy, cloud robotics and AI transform work and society in far-reaching ways

“You plug into BMC Helix and behind it you have an augmented workforce ... Newsroom bots are also on the rise. Bloomberg LP relies on AI and an automated system to analyze thousands of earnings ... Read more.
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